EmpowerED is a consortium of 11 Partners with complementary expertise. The project is financed by the European Commission and coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN), with the aim to support closer collaboration in the digital education sector in Europe. The project will leverage the existing EdTech groups to establish and animate a new EdTech Community for exchange, dialogue and collaboration in Europe. 

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To support its actions, the project will: 

  • Map the EdTech landscape in Europe that identifies good practices and reflects the current state of play in the EdTech sector. 
  • Consolidate and amplify the work of current EdTech organisations supporting start-ups and SMEs (including incubators, accelerators, testbeds, investors, Digital Education Hubs etc.) 
  • Give insight on trends linked to new schooling models and innovative education solutions, producing a roadmap towards a European EdTech ecosystem promoting European excellence in educational innovation. 
  • Provide policymakers with a clearer understanding of how they can better support and work with start-ups and SMEs in the fast-expanding EdTech ecosystem. 

One output of the EmpowerED project will be the establishment of a pan-European network and platform for exchange between European EdTech initiatives (start-ups, SMEs), EdTech support organisations (incubators, accelerators, testbeds, investors), practitioners (teachers and educationalists in K12 schools, H.E., VET), and policymakers (government ministries/agencies involved in educational innovation) as well as other key actors such as universities, researchers, NGOs and associations.    

Another key output of the project is the animation of specific communities and sub-communities that address key challenges and priority issues. To empower the EdTech stakeholders, the project will produce open-source guidelines and support tools for the EdTech ecosystem that address priority topics on emerging technologies and will offer training and capacity-building opportunities.