The EmpowerED project is financed by the European Commission and coordinated by European Schoolnet. The project brings together a consortium of eleven partners with complementary expertise. 

European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet is the network of 34 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a non-profit international organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners. We are driven by our mission to support education stakeholders in Europe in the transformation of education processes for 21st century digitalized societies. 

European EdTech Alliance 

The European EdTech Alliance (EEA) is a consortium of national trade and sector associations and clusters representing more than 2.600 providers of education technology (EdTech) across 20 countries in Europe. The mission of the EEA is to encourage cross-border cooperation and education innovation in Europe supporting both the domestic and international growth of EdTech and strengthening the pan-European EdTech ecosystems. 


EDUvation is Germany’s largest EdTech StartUp Community. They offer business consulting, events & trade fairs, marketing services & investments and are at the same time the right contact for the German market entry. 

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania 

The mission of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania is to make quality education, sport and science accessible to everyone, as a basis for a full, socially secure life and a competitive, knowledge-based economy and culture. 

Flemish Knowledge Center for Digital Education

The Flemish Knowledge Center for Digital Education (Kenniscentrum Digisprong) supports school leaders, teachers and ICT coordinators from all schools in Flanders in the use of educational technology, to improve competences, educational processes and the educational organization. The knowledge Center is part of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training. 

The Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”

The Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” (CTI) is an R&D organization supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education. Its R&D activities are focused on ICTs with a particular emphasis on the digital transformation of school education. More specific, CTI operates the Greek School Network that interconnects +14,200 schools, +151,000 teachers and +1,200,000 students. Moreover, CTI develops electronic educational materials and provides education and training services.  

FundingBox Accelerator   

FundingBox is the leading distributor of European public funds in the uptake or development of digital innovation via Cascade Funding. FundingBox Accelerator is a trusted player in the European tech ecosystem and thus an orchestrator of public & private partnerships and communities and focused on the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities of tech startups, SMEs, experts, institutions, and investors. The organisation Champions those innovators that want to make an impact in the technological and deep technology innovation sphere.

FundingBox Communities  

Fundingbox Communities (FBC) is the digital dissemination company within ‘The Funding Box Group’. FBC has built more than 85 different communities about tech-related topics such as IoT, Robotics, AI, Blockchain, Circular Economy, Industry 4.0, EU partner search, funding opportunities and many more. 


Ifous is an independent research institute run as a non-profit association with the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Association of Independent Schools and the national federation of non-governmental non-profit schools as founding members. Ifous’ mission is to be a national platform for schools’ research and development work and to provide support in the development of education based on scientific foundations and proven experience. Ifous hosts the national testbed for digital learning resources, Swedish EdTest, which brings together educators and EdTech companies. 

Oulu University of Applied Sciences 

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) is one of Finland’s largest universities of applied sciences. Oamk’s core duties include teaching, as well as research, development and innovation (RDI) focusing on low-carbon and digital solutions and digital education enabling continuous learning. Oamk’s RDI activities are closely integrated into teaching and learning, and they are conducted in cooperation with workplaces and employers.  


Wonderful Education   

Wonderful Education (WE) is an EdTech Italian company involved in scalable and impactful solutions for innovative learning. The first physical centre started by WE is “FEM – Future Education Modena”, based in Modena, which operates an EdTech sandbox and a venture builder. It offers a catalogue of learning experiences for K12, tertiary education, professional development and city learning as well as serving as a pedagogical validation and testing centre for Edtech internal and external solutions, in collaboration with EdTech accelerators. 

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