Brussels — EmpowerED, a new, large-scale project funded by the European Commission, started its life as an EdTech catalyst with a two-day kick-off meeting in Brussels on 16-17 February. The project will support closer collaboration between the various players involved in the digital education sector in Europe.  

EmpowerED consists of 11 partners, including a consortium of EdTech trade associations, policymakers, educators, research institutes, and academics. The project is coordinated by European Schoolnet (EUN), a non-profit association of 34 European ministries of education. 

EmpowerED Consortium in the project Kick Off in Brussels

The specific aims of the EmpowerED project are:

  • Mapping the EdTech landscape in Europe to identify best practices and reflect the current state of play in the sector.
  • Consolidating and amplifying the work of current EdTech organisations supporting start-ups and SMEs (including incubators, accelerators, testbeds, investors, Digital Education Hubs etc.).
  • Providing insight on trends linked to new schooling models and innovative education solutions.
  • Producing a roadmap towards a European EdTech ecosystem.
  • Equipping policymakers with a clearer understanding of how they can better support and work with start-ups and SMEs in the fast-expanding EdTech ecosystem.
  • Building a pan-European network and platform for exchange between European EdTech initiatives.

The project partners hope to have a considerable impact on creating a thriving EdTech ecosystem for better learning across Europe.

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Rocío Benito

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