What does it mean to become a Supportive Partner?

We are looking to work and collaborate with a wide range of organisations that are interested in being part of a proactive EdTech community in Europe and helping to shape its future development. Your views matter – we want to hear about the particular challenges you are facing, particularly if you are:

An EdTech start-up, scale-up or SME.

A support organisation, association or investor already active in the EdTech ecosystem.

An education and training policymaker (K12, VET, H.E) working at national or regional/local level.

Simply interested in helping Europe develop and maintain an EdTech ecosystem that is innovative, competitive and which, above all, improves learning outcomes.

There is no fee or contractual commitment involved in becoming a Supportive Partner but we hope that by being actively engaged in the EmpowerED network you will help us promote project outcomes via your own networks of contacts and communities.

Benefits of being a Supportive Partner

Direct Contact with Consortium

You can exchange ideas with the EmpowerED community, including via targeted focus groups and consultations. Your involvement and feedback will help steer the project.

Co-create EmpowerED events

You can co-create EmpowerED events such as conferences, workshops, and webinars.
EmpowerED can also suggest topics, provide speakers and even host sessions in your events.

EmpowerED Supportive
Partners’ Digest

You receive a monthly digest with research findings related to the EdTech ecosystem in Europe, analysis of emerging trends and updates on upcoming events.

Higher visibility via the EmpowerED community

Your logo will be prominently featured on EmpowerED’s website, enhancing your digital presence and visibility.

Make new connections

You will find opportunities for new connections and potential collaborations with important stakeholders, including support organisations (incubators, accelerators, testbeds, investors, policymakers) in different countries that are part of the European EdTech ecosystem.