The European Edtech Allliance, a partner in the EmpowerED project, announces the launch of an updated version of the #edtech #map! If you are an EdTech organisation with an HQ in Europe, make sure to submit your entry and discover new questions and fresh focus points, helping the EEA understand the ecosystem dynamics and needs!

Over 1,300 Edtech organisations are already showcasing their cutting-edge services and ideas, making the Edtech Map the destination to explore the world of education technology in Europe. Since its launch, nearly 30.000 visitors eager to shape the future of education have viewed the map.

The EEA also announces a new addition to then growing Edtech Map family: the Ecosystem Builder Map, which showcases investors, accelerators, incubators and more – the driving forces behind Edtech innovation.

Whether you’re a startup seeking funding or an Edtech enthusiast looking to connect with industry leaders, EEA maps are your compass to navigate the world of education innovation.

If you are interested in getting on the Ecosystem Builder Map fill out the form (below the Map).

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